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Module 1c


Electromagnetic Waves

Simulation of Standing Waves


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Main Module


Simulates standing waves.

Explore Further this Module:

1c.1 A mirror is inserted at the laser end so that light is trapped between mirrors. The mirrors are assumed to be perfect and each introduces a phase shift of π. After a few trips steady state is attained and the field plotted here corresponds to the steady state. The distance between mirrors is assumed to be an integral multiple of half-wavelength. Electric field as a function of propagation distance can be plotted for various time-steps. Observe the nodes and anti-nodes. Note that the field at a node is always zero.

1c.2 Modify the source code (standing.m) by changing the mode number from 10 to 20 and plot the field. Count the number of nodes.

1c.3 Modify the source code (standing.m) by choosing the distance between mirrors that does not correspond to an integral multiple of half-wavelength. Do you observe nodes and anti-nodes?



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