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Module 2a


Optical Fibers

LP Modes in an Optical Fiber


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Main Module


The LP modes of a step-index fiber are obtained by solving the eigenvalue equation Eq.(4) (see the manual). Eq. (4) is of the form f(\beta ) = 0; the roots of this equation are found using the matlab function fminbnd().

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In a step-index fiber, core index n_{{1}} = 1.45, cladding index n_{{2}} = 1.442, core radius a = 9 microns, wavelength = 1.55 microns.

2a.1. Plot the field vs radius for all the modes.
2a.2. Plot V vs b curves for LP01, LP11 and LP03 modes. Using this curve, find the cutoff wavelength for the single-mode operation of a fiber with n_{{1}} = 1.46 and Δ =0.005.




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