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Module 3b



Carrier Density and Optical Power of Laser Diodes for Pulsed Currents


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Main Module


The laser rate equations for pulses in a laser diode are simulated to obtain the photon density and carrier density.

This Module calls the following Sub Module / Component:

(1) rate_eqn_pulse.m
Solves the laser rate equations for pulses in a laser diode.

Explore Further this Module:

3b.1 Use a current pulse instead of the dc current (with a suitable DC bias so that the laser is biased above threshold). Let the first pulse be located at 5 ns with T0 (as defined in the code, rate_eqn_pulse.m) = 3ns. Modify the code to introduce three current pulses corresponding to a bit pattern of ’1101’ of a 100 Mb/s signal. Plot the output power (and also electron density) as a function of time. Explain any distortions you observe in the plot of optical power vs time. Are the optical power pulses broader than the current pulses?

3b.2 Repeat (3b.1) for a bit pattern of ’1101’ of a 200 Mb/s signal. Can you transmit 200 Mb/s signal using this laser diode? Provide explanation.




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