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OCSim Modules

Modern Fiber Optic Communication Systems Simulations with Advanced Level Matlab Modules

OCSim matlab modules are one of  the most  popular products for the design  and simulation of modern fiber optic communication

systems. OCSim modules have  been proven to  provide accurate simulations. The  modules which are continuously upgraded  are

in use for the last 12 years for simulating modern fiber optic communication systems, publishing research papers, theses, projects

and laboratory simulation experiments.


Advanced Level Matlab Modules

Manuals with Well Explained Related Theory, Formulas and Descriptions

Modify the Modules to the Next Level for Your Research Papers, Research Projects and Theses

Modify the Modules for Co-Simulations with the Third Party Commercial Optical Communication Systems Softwares

Laboratory Simulation Experiments, Exercises and Projects

(can be installed on the laboratory computers for simulation experiments, projects and theses)


Fiber Optic Single and Dual Polarizations QAM-M CO-OFDM Systems – Linear and Nonlinear

Fiber Chromatic Dispersion and SPM Compensations through DSP in Coherent QPSK Fiber Optic Communication Systems

Laser Phase Noise Compensation through DSP in Coherent QPSK Fiber Optic Communication Systems

Fiber Optic Communication Systems with Analog and Digital Modulation Techniques: BPSK, QPSK, DP-QPSK, QAM-M and PAM-M

NRZ-OOK, NRZ-PSK, NRZ-QPSK, QPSK- nyquist and PAM-M Transmitters in Fiber Optic Communication Systems

Fiber Optic Direct Detection WDM Systems – Linear and Nonlinear

Fiber Optic Intensity Modulated Direct Detection Systems – Linear and Nonlinear

Nonlinear Pulse Propagation in Optical Fibers

Raman Gains in Optical Fibers using Nonlinear Coupled Differential Equations

EDFA Gains in Optical Fibers using Nonlinear Coupled Differential Equations

Carrier Density and Optical Power Simulations of Laser Diodes for DC and Pulsed Currents

Shot Noise, Thermal Noise and SNR of PIN and APD Receivers

Error Probability Calculations of OOK, PSK, FSK and DPSK data for Homodyne, Heterodyne and Direct Detection Receivers

Fiber Modes, Fiber Dispersion and Optical Field Envelope/Total Field Propagation for Various Time Step


Licensing Features

Modules Types: 
Software Modules with Matlab Programs (.m files)

Academic Licenses for Universities

Commercial Licenses for Research Labs / Companies

Multiple Licenses for Faculty with Students

Perpetual License

Manuals with Well Explained Related Theory, Formulas and Descriptions

Multiyear Scientific and Technical Support

Follow the Expert

We have been using the Fiber Optic Communication Systems Source Code Modules for the last 12 years  for publishing research

papers, theses, laboratory simulation experiments, teaching and exercises.

In these modules, the underlying complex theories and equations of fiber optic communication systems have been converted into

source code programs giving the insight into the concepts involved and more understanding of the subject.

Starting from the first principles, academicians, engineers and researchers in universities and companies can  go up to  the  most

modern  fiber optic communication  systems  including the latest analog and digital modulation techniques like BPSK, QPSK, PM-


Professor Shiva Kumar, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, McMaster University, Canada.




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