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Module 6b


Optical Amplifiers

Raman Gains in Optical Fibers using Nonlinear Coupled Differential Equations



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Main Module


Simulation of Raman gain by solving the coupled differential equations, governing evolutions of signal and pump in Raman amplifier.This source code calls the matlab built-in program ode45 to solve the nonlinear differential equations. ode45 requires a function raman_ode.m in which the differential equations are described.

Explore Further this Module

6b.1 Plot gain vs length, signal power vs length and pump power vs length. Compare the signal powers at the fiber output with and without Raman pump.

6b.2 Modify the source code the plot the gain vs length for various pump powers ranging from 10 dBm to 25 dBm. Compare the pump powers of EDFA and Raman amplifiers for a fixed gain and input signal power.



Selected Simulated Results Using this Module 




Gain Vs. Length for Raman Fiber Amplifier





Signal Power Vs. Length for Raman Fiber Amplifier





Pump Power Vs. Length for Raman Fiber Amplifier




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